Single Lashes

Single Lashes

Classic lashes are semi-permanent extensions placed individually onto each natural lash (usually 120 lashes on each eye). Providing a fuller but natural look, they're created for long-term wear.

Maintenance is required every 3-5 weeks. To provide best service and to ensure it will appear as full as it was done for full set, clients should come back with 50% fake lashes on. If there is less than 30% left, the removal and/or full set should be done. If there is some lashes left (more then 5-10 on each eye) you have to book Removal also, as it takes time to remove them. Infills time is shorter then Full Set, so please make sure you choose right treatment. Otherwise if you will choose an Infills instead of Full Set, your lashes will not look as full as it should be. Please note if lashes was done by other technician, we strongly recommend to book removal and New Full set, as if there wasn't good job done, we can't provide good treatment too.

We've got a variety of lashes, so our technician will choose the best shape, curls and sizes to enhance your eyes.

Curl: C, D, B

Thickness: 0.15 and 0.2

Sizes: 8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15

Please do not ware any make up or moisturizers around eye area on the day of treatment. Only then I can ensure the successful application and the lashes will last up to 5 weeks.