Kardashian Style

Eyelashes have been a huge factor in women’s beauty essentials. No one can deny, that these days trend is Kardasian Style Lashes.

Those mile-long lashes have that beautiful wispy effect, carefully applied to create the perfect volume and spacing. And even with that much volume it doesn’t look fake at all! It just makes the eyes super sultry.

Volume Lashes last longer then Classic lashes: about 4-6 weeks, then infills are required every 3 weeks or then 50% of fake lashes are left. Please note if there are less lashes left, you might need to book a new set (with Removal). If there are some lashes left (more then 10 on each eye) you have to book Removal also, as it takes time to remove them. Infills time is shorter then Full Set, so please make sure you choose right treatment. Otherwise your lashes will not look as full as it should be. Please note if lashes was done by other technician, we strongly recommend to book Removal and New Full set, as if there wasn’t good job done, we can’t provide good treatment too.

To get this look book an American Volume Set, just inform your technician you want this Style.

To create this incredible lash style we apply volume lashes:

Color: Black or Dark Brown

Curls: C or D

Sizes: 6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17