Welcome to LBS

Within the last five or more years, eyelash extensions have become the thing to have. Why? These semi permanent lashes enhance the length; volume and thickness of your natural lash and instantly transform the eye into full lengthy lashes. And for many it’s a time saver as the daily make-up routine is cut to a minimum.

Brow technology too has come a long way with treatments available to gain full eyebrows however little or much growth is visible.
Here at LBS it’s these two beauty enhancements we specialise in. Specialists, as over the last seven years we’ve built up an established clientele of over 400 women and a few guys too. Our clients are a mix of those wanting the latest full lashes or defined brows for a special occasion like a wedding, business event or holiday – to those that return every 3-5 weeks to maintain the look. It’s loved by all (once tried) as not only does it look fab but (again) saves time on your morning makeup routine.

For lashes we’re London trained in individual lash application to each eyelash and in Russian Volume (this means 0.07mm thick lashes for that ultimate natural look but with thickness and length gained). To maintain the look an infill treatment about once a month is recommended.

Or for brows, choose semi permanent microblading; this is ideal for anyone with fine to non-existent brow growth. We can advise on what best suits your individual looks and the style you want to achieve now and in the long term.

Whether you need new lashes from scratch or just a top up with infills, make an appointment at our Zone 1 London location where we offer affordable and flexible day, evening or weekend appointments.